Engage Individuals

Gauge the perceptions of your church members considering each of the seven Transformational Church elements:

Missionary Mentality • Vibrant Leadership • Relational Intentionality
Prayerful Dependence • Worship • Community • Mission

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What the TCAT Discovers

The survey provides the following four reports

  1. Demographic Report - Know more about who attends
  2. Pastor Report - Know where the pastor can improve
  3. Summary Report - Know potential congregational growth areas
  4. Detail Report - Know details about every aspect of the survey

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Strengthen Churches

Focus your church on what really matters:

  • Areas of strongest positive agreement
  • Areas that need further investigation
  • Doors of opportunity

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The Transformational Loop




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Strengthen Communities

When people are engaged and churches are focused,
communities are transformed.

Transform your community