What is the Transformational Church Assessment Tool?
Why should a church use TCAT?
How does a church use TCAT?
Can you define what a Transformational Church is?
What are the pricing options?
What other assessments has LifeWay Research developed?

What is the Transformational Church Assessment Tool?

The Transformational Church Assessment Tool (TCAT) provides your church with the ability to assess the health of the congregation, celebrate areas of strength, and address areas of concern. Old measures of church health have some value but often prove inadequate by themselves. LifeWay, through the Transformational Church initiative, is seeking to help churches change the scorecard – to better understand how to become a transformational church.”The goal of a Transformational Church is to make disciples, and nothing will deter them from this task. Though roadblocks and hazards abound, these churches find ways to stay on track. They are able to bring about a convergence of values and activities that results in transformation of individuals and of the community.” (from Transformational Church)

Why should a church use TCAT?

If churches aren’t seeing the transformation they want (or want to see it at a greater level), this tools helps them define reality and then press forward with a plan together. TC helps churches understand:

  1. What biblical churches focus on, and
  2. Where they can start.

How does a church use TCAT?

Real transformation isn’t something that we can schedule, but it is something we can recognize.

  1. Church leaders can begin by leading their key leaders (staff and volunteer) through the Transformational Church book.
    • Taking the time to teach your people the biblical basis and matrix for thinking about being a transformational church.
  1. Take the assessment and discover where you are so you know where to begin
    • Every church has things she can celebrate and things she needs to work on.
    • The TCAT isn’t a pass/fail assessment but rather a tool to help clarify where a current church is, what can be celebrated, and where they can make improvements.
  1. Develop Actions Plans for your church based on the TCAT findings.

Can you define what a Transformational Church is?

A Transformational Church is a church where:

  • People become more like Christ
  • The church acts more like the body of Christ
  • The community becomes more of a reflection of the kingdom of God

What are the pricing options?

Please use your weekend worship attendance as a guide as to which assessment option to purchase:

  • $200 — Fewer than 250
  • $350 — Between 250 and 499
  • $500 — Between 500 and 999
  • $800 — 1,000 or more

What other assessments has LifeWay Research developed?

Currently, two other online assessments are available in LifeWay Research’s Tool Kit:

  1. Discipleship Pathway Assessment
    Sometimes spiritual maturity is easy to spot. But effective discipleship requires a more thorough assessment. Even if you have a good idea of where you are spiritually (as an individual or a church), it can be a challenge to identify areas where you need to grow and what specific first steps you can take. The Discipleship Pathway Assessment is an online assessment for individuals and churches to measure discipleship progress in becoming more like Christ. Knowing where you are is the first step toward taking proactive steps in your discipleship.
  2. Church Planter Candidate Assessment
    The Church Planter Candidate Assessment (CPCA) is a statistically validated online assessment instrument which helps potential church planters and their respective organizations identify areas of established strength and other areas needing development as they prepare to plant a church.

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